Past Forum #1 Business Models

Thank you for making the 1st GPSEG Innovation Leadership Forum a success!

Here are some quotes from participants:

“Great topic, venue and the presenters were terrific. Heard accolades from everyone after… all the way to through the parking lot. Refueling stop for innovation highway.” Kevin Connor (Owner, Modern Strategic Branding + Communications)
“Great opportunity to get together with like-minded people” Dr. Janice Presser (CEO, The Gabriel Institute, Creator of the ‘Technology of Teaming’)
“For a 1st of its kind event with GPSEG, it was a home run”. Thomas Nelson (CEO – Lodestar Corp.)
“One of the most intellectually stimulating meetings in years!” Jim Pennypacker (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Maven House Press)
“Nice event…thanks”. Frank Rowe (Senior Vice President at PeopleMetrics)

Business Model Innovation (Forum #1)

Wednesday, April 4
6:00 – 9:00pm

6:00 Networking & Dinner
6:30 Keynote: Stephen Spinelli
7:00 Keynote: Howard Blumenthal
7:30 Panel Session
8:30 Networking & Dessert

Philadelphia University
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144



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The theme “business model innovation” is focused on those innovations that lead to major disruptions in the industry. Major disruptions can be defined as creating or significantly changing the way business is done in any given sector. The ripple effects of these disruptions serve to transform the industry involved. The best disruptions serve as key accelerators of growth of an industry or creation of a new one.

Dr. Spinelli will speak about the business model innovations he has brought to the higher education sector, linking his earlier work in creating a service sector business model innovation when he co-founded Jiffy Lube.

Howard Blumenthal will discuss the business model innovations he has brought to the media sector including his recent experience creating MiND TV. He will also show connectivity between the education sector and business sectors.

Stephen Spinelli

Stephen Spinelli Jr., Ph.D., became president of Philadelphia University on September 1, 2007 and has many years of leadership experience in academia, business and philanthropy. Under his leadership, Philadelphia University has become the model for professional university education. Previously, he held a variety of leadership positions in academia and a variety of entrepreneurship programs.  His work has appeared in popular press as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Boston Globe, and Entrepreneur. He has authored numerous business cases and co-authored Business Plans That Work, Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation, How to Raise Capital, Never Bet the Farm, Entrepreneurship: The Engine of Growth and New Venture Creation for the 21st Century.  He has consulted for major corporations such as Fidelity Investments, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Allied Domecq. Previously, he was co-founder of Jiffy Lube International and Chairman and CEO of the American Oil Change Corporation. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from The Management School, Imperial College, University of London, his M.B.A. from Babson College, and his B.A. in Economics from McDaniel College.

Howard Blumenthal

Howard Blumenthal has been developing, reinventing, and managing media and marketing ventures for more than 25 years. Often, these ventures are enabled by a novel synthesis of existing technologies. Currently CEO of Independence Media, he is developing a new multi-platform global learning service. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing & Interactive Media for Bertelsmann’s e-commerce group, and Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media for CDNow (an early leader in web-based content, internet technology, and e-commerce). He has been a senior executive with several startups, including KidSoft (acquired by Hearst), New Century Television (special interest internet channels), Glow in the Dark Productions (programs for Food Network, History Channel, HBO, Nickelodeon), and an advisor to several others. Earlier in his career, Blumenthal wrote MTV’s initial business plan, and served as head of production for Nickelodeon. His best-known television project is the Peabody Award winning PBS series, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? He is the author of 20 books, including the industry standard This Business of Television (Billboard Books, Third Edition).

Panel Session: The role of business model innovations in a challenging economy


Joel Vardy, Innovation Management pioneer in business models and innovation culture


Mike Krupit, Entrepreneur, Technology Innovator, & General Manager, Novotorium

Tom Schultz, Path-finder in Fortune 500 and Consumer Packaged Goods, & Co-Founder, Horizon Partners

Steven Spinelli, Leader – Academia, Business, Philantrophy, President – Philadelphia University

Howard Blumenthal, Producer, Author, Marketer, Media Innovator & CEO of Independence Media